Why Flex Lighting Solutions?

Flex, a global leader with local expertise

Flex (Reg. No. 199002645H) is the manufacturing partner of choice that helps a diverse customer base design and build products that improve the world. Through the collective strength of a global workforce across 30 countries and responsible, sustainable operations, Flex delivers technology innovation, supply chain, and manufacturing solutions to various industries and end markets. For more information, visit flex.com.


Flex Lighting Solutions

Our portfolio of LED high bay fixtures leads the market in efficacy and long life, providing the lowest total cost of ownership for facility owners and operators compared to older HID and fluorescent lighting options.

We help businesses and property owners provide superior quality and highly energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for smarter, more efficient commercial and industrial facilities. As the costs of electricity and maintenance continue to rise, customers are increasingly aware of the impact of energy efficient lighting solutions to their bottom line.

  • Proven leader in the LED space

  • Market-leading performance that keeps improving

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

  • High reliability and quality

  • Experienced lighting team

  • Ability to globally scale

  • World-class manufacturing capability

Infographic: What can we do for your business?

We improve your lighting, help you reach energy efficiency goals and reduce your operating costs. Check out what we did worldwide for our parent company Flex.