Lumen Maintenance Warranty

Guaranteed Light Levels for 5 Years

Our superior thermal management and high quality components allow us to include a 5-YEAR LUMEN MAINTENANCE WARRANTY with our LED High Bay fixtures.


How Does It Work?

Same as our standard 5-year product warranty, the 5-year lumen maintenance warranty is included for free to our customers. If the light output of the LED fixture drops more than 30% from the initial lumens specified in the spec-sheet (L70 as per TM-21) within the first 5 years from purchase, we take responsibility and replace the fixture. See terms and conditions.


How Is This Different From Other Warranties?

All LED fixture warranties are not the same. When you pay close attention to the warranties of other LED fixture manufacturers you will notice they only provide a basic and limited product warranty against manufacturing defects. They do not take responsibility if the fixture fails to provide the expected light levels over time. In other words, they do not respond if their fixtures fail at their main purpose, which is to provide the light you need.

Flex Lighting Solutions LED High Bay fixtures provides the peace of mind your lighting investment deserves.

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