Introducing the new CH2 Series LED High Bay

Learn the basics about our soon-to-be-released CH2 Series!

Check spec sheets for your application

What information are you basing your decision on? You must consider the application in which the LED fixture will be used – many times this will be very different than the application the spec sheet is based on.

What type of heat sink is best?

One of the major differences between Essentials Series fixtures and other fixtures is the vertical extruded aluminum heat sinks. Their design keeps the fixture from overheating by creating airflow that removes hot air from the fixture. Plus, it prevents dust from collecting on the fixture.

Make sure it is a true 65C fixture

Before purchasing an LED fixture for industrial applications, you need to verify if it is a true rated 65°C fixture. Many times, the marketing claims and the fine print contradict each other.

Best thermal design for industrial facilities

Upgrading the LED lighting in your industrial facility? Make sure to consider the ambient temperature – many times you’ll see temperatures exceeding 140F. The thermal design of the LED fixture you select needs to be conducive to these extreme environments.

Impact of dust and dirt on thermal management

LED High Bays need to be designed with superior thermal management in mind. This includes preventing dust and dirt from building up and trapping the heat inside the fixture. A dusty, dirty layer of insulation will lead to overheating and early failure.


”The new Flex lighting is magnificent. With the lights now being so vividly bright, it’s hard to believe this project saved us so much energy consumption! Well done Flex and Expert Lighting Group!”.
Lucian Nicholas, CPA, CMA. VP Finance, Maksteel.

10-Year Premium Warranty from Flex Lighting Solutions

All LEDs start bright, only Flex Lighting Solutions is GUARANTEED to STAY BRIGHT for 10 years. We cover a full decade of lumen maintenance, labor reimbursement, LED driver replacement and product workmanship. See terms & conditions.

What makes the Essentials Series the best LED High Bay?

The Vision Awards honor innovation and excellence in products that contribute to the efficient and profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States.

Commercial Steel Manufacturing

The facility required the new lighting fixtures to withstand the high ambient temperatures at the manufacturing ceiling. The Essentials Series 4.0 LED High Bay, classified best-in-class for thermal management, ensures high performance and long life under ambient temperatures up to 65 °C.

Miami Airport Cargo

The Miami International Airport is estimated to save 63% energy from lighting. The improved illumination increased the safety of employees and the security of the cargo areas, and the high uniformity and low glare from Essentials Series 4.0 improved concentration, productivity and visual comfort for the cargo employees.

The Woodbridge Group

With this LED upgrade, The Woodbridge Group will save $83,890 per year in their utility bill. That’s 73% savings! The brighter output and higher light quality of the Essentials Series 4.0 allowed The Woodbridge Group to improve productivity and create a safer environment for their 300+ employees.

If you wait until lights go out…

If you follow L70 IES recommendations

CH1 Series

The new CH1 Series is a range of High Bay LED fixtures with features contractors value the most: quality, reliability and performance in a cost-effective design. The CH1 Series takes our award-winning technology from the Essentials Series 4.0 and puts it into a more value-centered platform.

Hosedown Series 2.0

The improved Hosedown Series features LED vapor tight fixtures for use in demanding environments requiring watertight seals. Each model includes an injection molded fiberglass body with a sturdy lens to withstand environments where extreme dust and moisture are factors. IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP69K rated and certified to meet NSF Splash Zone 2.

HT1 Series

High output LED fixtures with a recessed troffer design and high bay performance. The HT1 Series are designed for high ceiling applications that require superior lumen output, ultra-long life, high quality of light and beautiful aesthetics. Available in 2×4 and 4×4 form factors.

LS1 Series

The LS1 Series provides quality and versatility for many applications. The LS1 Series offers efficacy up to 150 lm/W and up to 63% power reduction over traditional fluorescent lighting. Designed to replace linear fluorescent continuous run, utility and strip fixtures with long-lasting, more efficient LED technology; lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).

LS1 Series – Product Walk-through

Sensor Anywhere provides the ability to place one or several occupancy sensors anywhere along the run. One sensor gives the option to control the whole light row or just a section of it. By installing multiple sensors, the user can create groups and control them independently, create lighting scenes and maximize energy savings.

Parking Network News – Introducing LS1 Series

This new family of LED strip fixtures feature a thin profile, great performance and unique options. Its unique linking system simplifies the installation and its Sensor Anywhere technology allows to add occupancy and IoT sensors anywhere along the run, reducing installation costs and energy consumption.

Essentials Series 4.0

Award-winning LED High Bay fixtures for its versatility, high performance and long life, even at ambient temperatures up to 65°C. The Essentials Series 4.0 feature aluminum heatsinks, rotatable outer modules, lens options, integrated controls, and many other options, all backed up with a 5-year lumen maintenance warranty.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center (Full Video)

MGM and UBM partner with Flex Lighting Solutions to upgrade the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to LED lighting with Essentials Series 4.0 LED High Bays and wireless controls.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center (Highlights)

MGM and UBM partner with Flex Lighting Solutions to upgrade the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to LED lighting with Essentials Series 4.0 LED High Bays and wireless controls.

How to Calculate Real Performance and Life of LED High Bay Fixtures

How do you avoid buying the wrong LED High Bay? Most spec-sheets do not tell the whole story. Learn how to calculate the real performance and life you can expect from an LED High Bay fixture working under the conditions of your lighting application.

Minneapolis Convention Center

Minneapolis Convention Center chooses Flex Lighting Solutions’ LED High Bays to improve quality of light and reduce energy costs.

Parking Network News – Introducing Hosedown Series 2.0

Flex Lighting Solutions offers an adaptable and efficient solution that keeps energy and maintenance costs down.