Doing a Retrofit or a New Lighting Project?

Find utility rebates for our DLC® qualified LED fixtures and save money

*All product eligibility and rebates should be verified by the utility company. Flex Lighting Solutions does not provide a guarantee for rebate estimates or rebate programs.

How to use the tool
  1. Select product category.
  2. Enter your Zip Code or State, then choose your utility from the list.
  3. To customize Existing Wattage and Annual Hours of operation press the Options button on the left side, then click on EXISTING+ and input your customized values.
  4. Use the Product Search field to find an specific product from the long list of results.
  5. The Report button allows you to download the results in an excel file. The Utility Rebate Report sends you by email a full rebate report for the selected utility of our entire product catalog.
What is the difference between Prescriptive and Midstream rebates?

Prescriptive rebates are received after applying to the rebate program. They can either be based on a fixed payment per fixture or on the energy savings. You would typically start planning your project, then look at products and research the utility program details, determine if pre-approval is required, go through the process of submitting the rebate application and then receive the check for the rebate once your project is complete.

Midstream rebates are available through participating distributors and they provide the rebate at point-of-purchase without the need for paperwork or waiting for approval from the utility before purchase. If pursuing midstream rebates be sure to work with a qualifying distributor.